Non-Profit & Education

For more than twenty-five years, our firm’s lawyers have successfully represented non-profit, quasi-governmental and other organizations that operate under different tax and structural laws and guidelines than other institutions.

Non-Profit Organizations
The activities and responsibilities of organizations that are exempt from or otherwise not subject to income taxes present many business and legal challenges requiring sophisticated counsel. Through our non-profit practice, we represent clients in a variety of sectors, including health care providers, educational institutions, museums, arts centers and private foundations. We advise our clients on a wide range of issues regarding structure and governance, including:

  • Organizational structure and tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3)
  • Fiduciary duties
  • Directors and officers liability
  • The structure and responsibilities of boards of directors and board committees
  • Related employment, management and operational matters
  • The negotiation of leases and other business agreements with third parties

Quasi-Governmental Organizations
Our firm regularly represents New York quasi-governmental organizations, which are organized and operate under New York legislation specific to each organization. Our representation of these clients encompasses all of the following:

  • Real estate-related and other transactional matters
  • Day-to-day employment, managerial and operational matters
  • The negotiation of leases and other business agreements with third parties
  • Advice to governing boards and audit, governance, compensation, finance and other board committees
  • The preparation and application of ethics, conflict of interest, procurement, employment, whistleblower and other policies

Public Interest

Our firm’s personnel share a commitment to civil and human rights, and we endeavor to lead by example through our personal and professional commitments. Our lawyers and our firm as an institution have been leaders in matters of social justice and public interest ranging from advocating and achieving changes in the law to illuminating and addressing international injustices where our resources or assistance could make a difference. Our firm represents and supports many prominent non-profit organizations, and our lawyers actively serve on non-profit Boards of Directors and with Bar Associations in leadership roles. From our years of service to such non-profit organizations and quasi-governmental institutions, to our substantial work assisting clients on a pro bono basis, to our hands-on assistance with the production of award-winning media shedding light on social inequities, we embrace the opportunity and take pride in applying our knowledge and skills for broader social benefit.

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