Training Programs

Training Programs

Our law firm has developed innovative and efficient training programs for businesses and organizations to train employees, managers, human resources personnel and senior executives concerning best employment practices, legal risks and practical solutions.

For over 20 years, our lawyers have provided in-person employment training programs serving a broad range of companies and organizations in a manner suiting their unique needs. We have also more recently collaborated with AltaClaro to produce a suite of new training materials to be used in our in-person and online discrimination and sexual harassment prevention training programs, which, depending on an employer’s needs, are available both as live, in-person training sessions and as interactive online training programs, led, in each case, by seasoned employment attorneys of our firm.

Programs and Supplements

Our programs and applicable supplements are designed to fulfill the legal requirements of sexual harassment prevention training under the laws of New York State, New York City, Connecticut and California in effect as of April 1, 2019.* We additionally have training options for Massachusetts and New Jersey entities that wish to educate their workforce about federal and state laws prohibiting sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

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To learn more about training programs for your company and to schedule training for your employees, please either submit the form to the right or contact Deena R. Merlen directly by email at or phone at 212-763-4160 (NY) or 203-653-4422 (CT).

*Please note that under the training laws in California and Connecticut in particular, employees who are required to receive sexual harassment training must be provided an opportunity to ask questions and obtain answers from a trainer in a reasonably prompt manner (which means within no more than two business days, under California’s statute). Accordingly, for those employers that choose the online program, we can arrange a post-training Q&A Session for employers that do not wish to provide their own in-person trainer qualified under the applicable statutes to perform this additional training function. Please contact us for further details.

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