Internal Investigations

Accusations of illegality, malfeasance, harassment or other wrongdoing can create legal liabilities for a company or individual, ruin reputations and wreak havoc in the workplace. Reavis Page Jump LLP counsels companies, organizations, executives, boards of directors and their communities in connection with accusations of serious wrongdoing and conducts the internal investigations that may follow. In appropriate circumstances we also represent individuals who are the subject of internal investigations.

We provide both legal and practical advice and strategies on:

  • Whether to conduct an internal investigation, and if so, its scope and duration;
  • Temporary measures to be taken before an investigation is complete;
  • Advice on potential legal exposure and business consequences of an investigation;
  • Public relations aspects and regulatory issues;
  • Measures to preserve the attorney-client privilege and minimize litigation risk;
  • Whether to report the results of an investigation, and if so, in what form and to whom; and
  • Assessing employee training and compliance policies in light of matters uncovered in an investigation.

Our firm excels in fact-finding and efficiency, treating sensitive matters appropriately with due consideration of the rights and obligations of all parties, and is always cognizant of issues related to confidentiality. The members of our internal investigations group, Alice K. JumpMark H. Moore and Jill Kahn Marshall have all had extensive experience with internal investigations, and each is a seasoned litigator with more than twenty years’ experience. The substantive areas of their litigation practices extend widely to include all manner of disputes, including commercial and business, employment and related, intellectual property, real estate, and trusts and estates disputes.

Closely related areas of the firm’s practice include:

  • Policies & Documentation:  Our firm’s lawyers are experienced in the preparation of employment documentation, such as handbooks, policies and compliance manuals, as well as company and employment agreements.
  • Workplace Trainings:  We have developed training programs for personnel, managers, human resources professionals and senior executives concerning employment practices and legal constraints.
  • Agency & Regulatory Proceedings:  We represent companies, non-profit organizations and individuals before government agencies and regulators in connection with a variety of claims, such as employment, labor wage and hour issues, discrimination, harassment and whistleblowing, in a wide range of industries.

For more information about our Internal Investigations practice, we invite you to contact: