Our firm’s corporate law practice includes corporate and other entity formations, governance and dispute resolution, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, partnerships and joint ventures, securities and corporate transactions in a wide variety of industries. We further advise clients on the formation of business enterprises and seek to anticipate future needs and issues they may encounter as their enterprises expand.

Business Structure & Capital Formation
Our firm advises clients in a range of business structure and capital formation techniques, including:

  • Early- and later- stage financings with individual, private financial or strategic investors
  • Offerings and purchase transactions of equity and debt securities
  • Internal employment and compliance matters
  • Agency compliance and arbitration

Commercial Transactions
We advise our corporate clients on a wide variety of transactions, whether vendor or sales contracts, leasing, licensing, joint ventures, partnerships, franchising, branding, professional practices, real estate and construction, or employment contracts, employee benefits and executive compensation. The diverse backgrounds and business experiences of our lawyers enable us to assist clients in evaluating, structuring and negotiating terms, which includes advising on the development, valuation and enhancement of company assets. Additionally, our lawyers have substantial experience in all aspects of company and employment documentation, ranging from private placement memoranda and members agreements to senior executive arrangements and dispute resolution.

Governance & Compliance
We represent our corporate and non-profit organization clients and, when appropriate, senior executives, directors and officers, regarding all of the following:

  • Governance issues, from compliance and ethics matters to management of corporate decision-making and challenges
  • Investigation and resolution of issues arising within companies
  • Intervention in and solving of internal problems that could expand and jeopardize a company in broader ways

If our clients come into conflict with third parties, we assist them vigorously, defend or secure their rights, whether in arbitration involving regulatory authorities or agencies or commercial litigation in the courts.

Mergers & Acquisitions
Our lawyers advise clients on the acquisition of other entities and the sale or restructuring of their own companies, in strategic circumstances or private equity and leveraged buyout transactions. In certain instances, we have suggested more beneficial alternative structures for certain clients for these types of transactions, such as joint ventures or licensing transactions.

Commercial Litigation
Our firm’s commercial litigation practice includes litigation, dispute resolution, mediation and arbitration in a variety of forums and in state and federal courts. Our lawyers have experience in various forms of conciliation, mediation and dispute resolution, and in arbitration through the AAA, FINRA, JAMS and other arbitration settings. We regularly litigate complex issues and seek efficient and successful resolution of our clients’ disputes. Litigation can become protracted and costly. Thus, we strive to explore creative solutions to the issues raised before and during the pendency of litigation.

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