7 Changes That Would Dramatically Reduce Sexual Harassment

Almost a year after the fall of Harvey Weinstein, more allegations against CBS Executive Leslie Moonves have come to light and brought about his resignation from the network. Continuous uncovering of gross misconduct in the entertainment industry begs the question: How can we change this industry and others to stop sexual harassment from happening?

In April, RPJ Partners Alice K. Jump and Nicole Page, both of whom have represented individuals in numerous sexual harassment and discrimination cases over the past year, led a webcast on what they have seen and learned from their positions in the legal field throughout the #MeToo movement. In this clip from the webcast, they specifically propose seven changes companies could make that would significantly reduce instances of sexual harassment and better support women in the workplace. To start: put more women in positions of leadership.

Watch the full video,“7 Changes That Would Dramatically Reduce Sexual Harassment,” to hear more.