PTO’s Newly-Minted Money Grab: Why do I have to pay the PTO’s fees when its examiner blew it?

Trademark and patent applicants and practitioners have grown used to (and weary of) ever-increasing Patent and Trademark Office [PTO] fees, particularly since Congress mandated that the PTO’s operations be self-funded.  But, even the most cynical PTO practitioner might be surprised at the ingenuity of the PTO Director’s latest revenue generating...

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Lindsay Lohan Loses New York Appeal Over “Grand Theft Auto V” Game Character

In a closely watched case involving New York’s statutory right of privacy, New York’s highest court shot down Lindsay Lohan’s claim that she was featured in the “Grand Theft Auto V” (“GTAV”) video game without permission. The former child star, now 31, argued that “Lacey Jonas,” a “really famous” “actress...

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