RPJ Partner Nicole Page Featured in CNBC Work Article “For Protest-Minded Workers, Employment Law and Free Speech Are Not Clearly on Your Side”

As protest and political speech continue to enter the workplace, employees are questioning what, if any, legal rights they possess to express and respond to politics at work. The recent CNBC article featuring Page explores this question, where she importantly notes that “It’s not considered illegal for an employer to...

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Taking a “Look Back” at Hadestown’s Journey Way Down to Court: A Significant Case Opinion Paves the Way for Defenses to Claims of Discrimination in Casting

By Ethan Krasnoo and Anna Beckelman In May 2023, in the RPJ website post ”Will NYC’s New Employment Discrimination Bill Restrict Casting ‘In The Heights’?” we discussed New York City’s new law prohibiting employment discrimination based upon height or weight and how this legislation might affect casting decisions in New...

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