Screening at Tribeca Film Festival! Congratulations to Multitude, People’s Television, and Words and Pictures on their Films

As the Tribeca Film Festival draws near, we’re thrilled to share that films by RPJ Clients Multitude Films, People’s Television, and Words and Pictures have been announced in the lineup.

Multitude Films’ It’s Only Life After All is a documentary about iconic music duo, The Indigo Girls. Director Alexandria Bombach takes us on a revealing journey of how the two artists met and rose to fame while remaining true to their roots as activists, friends, and artists. Following the New York premiere at Tribeca, there will be a songwriting masterclass by the Indigo Girls themselves.

People’s Television’s Minted is a fascinating look at the intersection of art, commerce, and digital ownership through the rise and fall of the NFT market. Director Nicholas Bruckman’s eye-opening documentary explores the hype behind these digital assets and takes a humanistic approach to the later crash.

Words and Pictures’ American Son is the gripping tale of Asian-American tennis prodigy Michael Chang, directed by Jay Caspian Kang, in his incisive directorial debut. The film takes a deep dive into Chang’s personal and professional life, becoming the youngest player to win a men’s Grand Slam tournament.

We are incredibly proud of our clients and their remarkable films. The Tribeca Film Festival takes place from June 7-18 with premier scheduling to be announced. Congratulations to all!