A Tale of Two Trends: ‘Women on Boards’ Laws in the US and Internationally – Legislation Successful Even When Overturned, by Helen D. (Heidi) Reavis with Anna Beckelman and Claire Griffin

The Debate There have been two prevailing sets of arguments in the debate over implementing corporate board quotas (“CBQs”) in the US and internationally, aiming to counter gender inequality in the business penthouse. Rocket to the Top One set of reasoning argues that social norms and sexist ideologies are not...

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RPJ Launches New Anti-Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Programs Customized for an Array of Industries

The #MeToo and Black Lives Matter movements have brought about profound cultural reaction and change, a groundswell of litigation and numerous new laws.  Some of the most high-profile sexual harassment and discrimination cases have taken place in the media and entertainment industry, raising questions about the unique challenges and risks...

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Look at Me, I’m Parod-y

This month, New York federal district court Judge Laura Taylor Swain gave what is expected to be her final substantive ruling on the dispute between Sketchworks Industrial Strength Comedy Inc. and the copyright owners of the musical Grease, which Sketchworks’ musical Vape parodies. In her ruling, Judge Swain held that...

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