Documentary “Cured” Dives Into the Historic 1973 Fight to Remove “Homosexuality” from Psychiatric Designation as a Mental Illness

On August 11, Deadline announced the release of Cured, a documentary directed and produced by RPJ clients Bennett Singer and Patrick Sammon. The film premieres on August 24 at Outfest Los Angeles and will be broadcast in the coming months. The film covers the true story of the passionate gay activists who fought against the American Psychiatric Association (APA) and demanded that homosexuality no longer be defined as a mental disorder, which it had been up until 1973. Cured has also been optioned by 20th Television as the basis for an upcoming series to be executive produced by Pose creator Steven Canals.

RPJ congratulates our clients and supports their efforts to raise awareness around these important historical events in the struggle for equality in the LGBTQ community.