The Daily Beast Featured Quotes from Heidi Reavis

The verdict for the sex crimes trial against Harvey Weinstein was announced this afternoon, finding the film mogul guilty of two counts of felony sex crimes, including rape and criminal sexual act. The jury acquitted Weinstein of the three other charges brought against him in the trial, two of which alleged that he is a sexual predator. Weinstein was remanded after the verdict was read, and he will remain in jail until his sentencing on March 11. He faces potentially up to 29 years in prison.

Despite the unanimous verdict from the jury today, the jurors were not unanimous throughout their deliberations last week, as The Daily Beast reported last Friday. Their disagreement prompted them to ask the presiding judge, James Burke, whether they could be “unanimous” on three charges but “hung” on the other two. Judge Burke insisted they continue deliberations until they could come to a unanimous decision on all counts.

In its February 21 article on the development, The Daily Beast interviewed RPJ Partner Heidi Reavis for her take on the jury’s impasse from a legal perspective:

“A deadlock concerning two of the charges may point to a schism concerning the two most serious predatory sexual assault charges where only oral testimony about events 27 years ago is on the table. It would be a gross miscarriage of justice for credible testimony to be discounted because of the lack of paper or plastic confirming it.”

Read Reavis’s full comments in the article here: “Weinstein Jury Appears Deadlocked on Most Serious Charges Against Disgraced Mogul”