Partner Alice Jump Quoted on Hardships New Jersey Tenants and Landlords Are Facing

On Monday, February 8, published an article entitled, “An avalanche of evictions looms in N.J. Renters and landlords say it’s only going to get worse,” discussing the hardships tenants and small landlords are facing due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 81,199 eviction complaints were filed by landlords in New Jersey in 2020 alone and more than half of them were filed after Governor Phil Murphy issued a moratorium on evictions. The moratorium allows landlords to begin the eviction process by filing complaints, however, it also bars landlords from locking tenants out of their apartments and eviction court hearings have been suspended until February 18, 2021.

Due to the job losses on account of the pandemic in 2020, many tenants have been unable to pay their rent and are ending up with massive amounts of debt as their unpaid rent bills continue to pile up. This is also a concern for landlords as every dollar in unpaid rent is a dollar they do not receive and small landlords are being hit the hardest. The article features a quote by Partner Alice Jump in which she states, “A lot of landlords are small businesses and homeowners themselves, so to view them as Simon Legree trying to evict people and put them out in the cold is a mistake.”

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