In Honor of Juneteenth


The history of enslaved peoples throughout the world is fraught with abounding complications, many of which we will continue to endure throughout the existence of humankind. However, every instance of empathy, continuity  and solidarity we extend in the present will make all the difference between progress and failure.

Just as President Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation failed to immediately end slavery in 1862, the Senate’s recent unanimous move to establish June 19 as a federal holiday will not relieve us of the burdens of slavery, but concerted gestures like it will ultimately result in the changes this moment makes clear we’re earnestly pursuing.

Our country’s history often serves as a signpost for the way forward, and looking back only stands to steer us further in the right direction, which is why celebration of our nation’s journey is just as important as scrutiny of the path we’ve taken.

In remembrance of those whose freedoms were sacrificed for the fulfillment of America’s promise, and in honor of every sincere effort made toward reparation, we at RPJ wish you a Happy Juneteenth.