Mark Moore Quoted Discussing the Recent Tuition Payer Bill of Rights’ Demands

In recent days, a coalition of think tanks, advocacy groups, parents and students have banded together to put forward the Tuition Payer Bill of Rights. On August 17, Education Dive published an article by Natalie Schwartz about the proposal, reaching RPJ Partner Mark Moore for comment. As shared in the article, the proposed bill of rights levels six demands at colleges and universities that aim to address the coronavirus pandemic and lessen the costs for parents and students. Among the demands is “the refund of any tuition, fees, and room and board fees for services a student does not receive due to the pandemic.”

Even if a university signed onto the petition, Moore stated, lawsuits over the article on tuition and fees would face an uphill battle, because judges don’t want to be in a position of assessing the quality of education or its perceived value. Moore also noted that “should a college adopt a provision like this, the adoption is likely to be accompanied by a statement that the university is accepting a goal which it hopes to achieve, leaving the college some room for backing out.”

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