Matt Damon to Portray Pioneering Nike Executive, Youth Sports Champion and RPJ Client Sonny Vaccaro in Upcoming Feature Film

Yesterday it was announced that long-time friends Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are reuniting again to tell the true story of RPJ friend and client Sonny Vaccaro, the former Nike executive behind the iconic Jordan brand who pioneered teaming up with coaches and young athletes to elevate their marketability.  The project, a joint venture from Amazon Studios and Skydance Sports, will focus on Sonny’s relentless efforts to sign the rising NBA superstar Michael Jordan to Nike. The endorsement deal eventually launched the global, multimillion dollar sneaker industry, along with the off-court careers of some of the most famous basketball stars in the world.  Vaccaro’s youth sports camps have also been incubators for young athletes mentored in life skills as well as sports.

Damon will portray Vaccaro and also write and produce. Affleck will direct, write, and produce while portraying Nike co-founder Phil Knight. The pair famously won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for Good Will Hunting.