IndieWire Shares Nicole Page Article on How New #MeToo Laws Could Change TV and Film Production

In the post-#MeToo era, New York and California lead the way with new workplace anti-harassment legislation. Those states are also the primary locations for the majority of film and television production in the country. In such an industry where the lines between work and social environments are frequently and easily blurred, how will the new laws effect production moving forward?

RPJ’s lead entertainment attorney Nicole Page discusses the changes and potential shifts in industry practice and behavior in a new article for IndieWire, “How New #MeToo Laws in New York and California Could Change TV and Film Production.” Read more here.

Nicole Page - New #MeToo Laws Could Change Film and TV ProductionMs. Page practices in entertainment, employment and intellectual property at the firm, and has spoken and written about sexual harassment in the film and television production industries for numerous panels and publications.