New TikTok Video: Hostile Work Environments

This week’s TikTok features RPJ Partner Nicole Page as she discusses a situation that may be all too familiar: a hostile work environment. Commonly used as a phrase referring to an unpleasant workplace, a hostile work environment is actually a legal term that is far more complex than most people think.

As Nicole goes on to explain, the term refers to a situation where someone at your workplace is being hostile to you based on the fact that you are a member of a protected class, which includes gender, sexual orientation, race, and age. If incidents of discriminatory behavior based on membership in a protected class accumulate and become pervasive and severe, a hostile work environment may exist.

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Nicole PageThis article is intended as a general discussion of these issues only and is not to be considered legal advice or relied upon. For more information, please contact RPJ Partner Nicole Page who counsels clients in areas of entertainment, employment and intellectual property. Ms. Page is admitted to practice law in New York and the United States District Courts for the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York.