Nicole Page Discusses Apple, Inc.’s Trademark Dispute with Prepear Over Use of Pear Logo

RPJ Partner Nicole Page, a guest contributor for IPWatchdog, discusses the issue of trademark bullying in her new article, “Apple v. Prepear: Does Apple Really Need All the Fruit?,” published on August 26. Apple, Inc. recently filed an opposition with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office against the food prep app Prepear’s registration of a mark featuring a pear logo, arguing that the logo could cause consumer confusion and brand dilution because of its similarity to Apple’s own simple fruit logo.

In her article, Page addresses the interaction of the Lanham Act and the Federal Trademark Dilution Act with Apple’s aggressive policing of its marks. She ultimately arrives at the conclusion that although companies of any size have a right to protect their trademarks and brands, in this case Apple, Inc. is demonstrating a strong appetite for fruit from another tree (and industry) altogether.

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