Nicole Page Quoted in Bloomberg Businessweek on Post-Pandemic Changes to Corporate Contracts

As companies start to re-write contracts and plan for deals in a mid- and post-pandemic world, lawyers everywhere have started to edit emergency and force majeure clauses to shift the focus from price reduction to risk management. Bloomberg Businessweek published an article this morning covering the issue, which projects that businesses will likely choose to pay a higher premium or give something up in order to be able to walk away from a deal should an unforeseen event—or a second wave of the pandemic—arise. RPJ Partner Nicole Page is quoted in the article addressing how lawyers are adding definitive language and taking no chances of leaving out pandemic-specific references in client negotiations: 

“Whether or not you say alien abduction or tsunami, the concept is meant to be that, in the event that something terrible happens,” contract performance should be excused. She added, “I’m certainly going to put [‘pandemic’] in every contract. I’m not going to risk it. No lawyer’s going to take that risk.”

Read more in the full article here: “Corporate Contracts Get a Rewrite for the Post-Pandemic Changes”