Partner Alice K. Jump Quoted in MarketWatch Article on Changes in Employment Laws for 2020

On December 23, MarketWatch published an article discussing some of the biggest legal changes coming to employers and employees in 2020. In “Where U.S. Workers Will See Minimum Wage Increases and Paid Family Leave in 2020,” reporter Andrew Keshner highlights the new 12-week paid family leave law for federal workers and expanding rules for overtime pay, as well as minimum wage increases in 22 states and additional paid family leave laws at the state level. He looks at the debate over what constitutes an independent contractor versus an employee and how the increased legalization of cannabis is causing challenges for employers relating to employee off-duty marijuana use and those employees operating heavy machinery on the job. Finally, Keshner turns to the current Supreme Court cases regarding discrimination, asking RPJ Partner Alice K. Jump about the case on the legality of firing someone for their sexual orientation as well as that of Babb v. Wilkie, which focuses on the standard of proof in cases of age discrimination.

Jump says, “The tension of older employees wanting to remain in the workforce and desire of employers to cost-cut and bring in new blood is something that’s been going on for while. If the standard of proof is lower, it should increase claims. As the population ages, claims should increase anyway.”

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