Reavis Page Jump Managing Partner Helen D. (Heidi) Reavis Interviewed for Above the Law Article on Culture and Diversity in Law Firms

RPJ Managing Partner Helen D. (Heidi) Reavis was recently interviewed by Above the Law’s Staci Zaretsky to discuss how RPJ, a progressive women-led law firm, has fostered its culture and ways in which other law firms might work to accomplish the same.  Ms. Reavis emphasizes the role of support, flexibility, cause-based work, and mindful client engagement – as well as developing lawyers as business influencers not just business servers – in producing an environment which attracts and retains diverse attorneys and staff, both within law firms and in private practice generally.  Ms. Reavis urges firms to consider diversity not only in terms of background and identity but the unique needs and interests of each individual.

Additionally, Ms. Reavis predicts how the recent Supreme Court decision in SFFA v. Harvard will complicate DEI-oriented recruiting for law firms, and she provides a wide range of compelling alternate avenues for enhancing DEI and a healthy culture in law.  In addition to choices firms can make internally, Ms. Reavis proposes that larger firms with deeper resources focus on more organic initiatives, such as hiring or mentoring students from a wider range of backgrounds prior to law school, sponsoring non-traditional community and non-profit programs, funding scholarships at the high school and college levels as well as law school, and early fostering of creative inter-firm/client initiatives and secondments, to name just a few.  Ms. Reavis also addresses the dilemma and impact on firm culture when law firms shy away from taking positions on issues for fear of offending clients and personnel, when law firms have the knowledge and resources to influence and lead.  Read more of Ms. Reavis’ insights and advice here:  Reavis Page Jump’s Managing Partner Shares Her Thoughts On How Law Firms Can Change Their Cultures For The Better – Above the Law