RPJ Client Alex Honnold’s New Film “Our Children’s River” Now Available to Watch on Bloomberg

Warm congratulations to RPJ Client Alex Honnold on the release of his new film Our Children’s River in partnership with Amazon Frontlines and Ceibo Alliance.

Indigenous people have long been at the forefront of protecting vast areas of the Amazon territory. By deploying high-tech surveillance tools that run on renewable power within the rainforest, the indigenous Sinangoe community in Ecuador continues to dissuade illegal activities that damage ecosystems. In support of their cause, guards patrol nearly 63,000 hectares of the rainforest, confronting illicit operations when necessary and employing such technology to file formal complaints and even lawsuits.

With a generous donation from the Honnold Foundation, solar-powered microgrids were installed across the rainforest, enabling the guards to charge their equipment. This, in turn, allows them to lengthen the duration of their patrols, thereby improving their ability to protect their land.

Through his film, Alex Honnold takes us on an inspirational tour to see and hear firsthand what it takes to fight against the destruction of the Amazon rainforest and the climate crisis.

Click here to learn more and watch the film, and once again, hearty congratulations to Alex – we are excited to see what you’ll accomplish next!