RPJ Client Sonny Vaccaro Interview With Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

On June 6th, 2022, longtime RPJ friend and client Sonny Vaccaro sat down for an interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette to discuss his life and career, his advocacy for the rights of college athletes, Michael Jordan, and the future of college sports. The basketball impresario is best known for his pivotal role in transforming Nike from a track shoe business into one of the world’s most distinguished and recognizable sports apparel brand by signing a young Michael Jordan to his first shoe contract. Vaccaro’s willingness to bet everything on the young athlete tipped off a revolution in the way sports are both marketed and consumed worldwide. Following his tenure at Nike, Vaccaro focused his efforts on advocating for what is now referred to as the “NIL system,” which compensates college athletes for the use of their name, image, and likeness.

Amazon Studios and Skydance Sports are producing a biopic about Vaccaro’s life, with Matt Damon cast as Sonny and Ben Affleck, who is also directing, as Phil Knight.

To read the full interview with Sonny Vaccaro, click here.