RPJ Counsel Michael Utevsky Involved in Movement to Stop Harmful Subdivision in Smithtown, Long Island

RPJ Counsel Michael Utevsky, along with Smithtown’s local Neighborhood Preservation Coalition, is currently involved in a lawsuit aimed at preventing the subdivision of a 63-acre plot of land into eight separate lots by defense contractor, Gyrodyne LLC. The proposed subdivision poses a significant threat to the local community, particularly in terms of exacerbating traffic congestion along the already over-burdened State Route 25A. If allowed, this development would have profound adverse effects on the daily lives of local residents.

The subdivision of this land by Gyrodyne was initially approved by Smithtown’s Planning Board in March 2022. A month later, the Head of the Harbor village and local residents sued the town with the goal of protecting the 43 undeveloped acres within the 63-acre plot from future development. In June 2023, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation expressed an interest in acquiring the land for conservation purposes, and the town has stated that it has no objection to this.

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