RPJ Partner Nicole Page Featured in Wealth Management Article “An Artist’s Estate Wants a Say in How the Media Portrays Her Life”

This Wealth Management Article discusses deceased artist Ana Mendieta and the controversy over her post-mortem representation in the media. Her niece, the administrator of her estate, takes issue with her representation, especially the representation of her early death, and the article explores what rights if any she has in shaping this narrative. Ms. Page provides context on the legal situation stating that “In general, if you want to tell a story about a deceased public figure, you don’t need to get permission from their estate; However, if you want to use that individual’s music, artwork, or other intellectual property in your production or book, or if you want to include archival materials, and their estate owns and controls the copyright in or the access to those works, you will have to obtain permission from the estate. In that case, it’s typical for an estate to request certain consultation (or even approval) rights over the content, allowing the estate to have input in how the story is told.” Read more here.