RPJ Partners Nicole Page and Alice K. Jump Discuss #MeToo in AltaClaro’s Expert Series

Our firm has worked at the center of the #MeToo movement, representing both employees and employers, and RPJ Partners Nicole Page and Alice K. Jump have navigated the complicated legal trenches of workplace sexual harassment in several industries. On April 25, the lawyers’ experiential learning platform AltaClaro will host a CLE webcast featuring Ms. Page and Ms. Jump to discuss not only the business and legal implications of workplace harassment in the wake of the #MeToo fall-out, but also the historical context and potential for changes to come across industries as a result of the movement’s progress.

AltaClaro features Ms. Page and Ms. Jump in their Expert series on the topic, as seen in their first Expert Clip, “In the Wake of #MeToo (Part 1): The Legal & Cultural Contours of Workplace Sexual Harassment,” below.

Click here to read more about the Expert Clip, and register for the April 25 webcast here.