RPJ’s Sally Cox, Marie Pierre, and Anna Beckelman Promoted to Elevated Roles

With great excitement, we announce the promotion of three of our staff members, Sally Cox, Marie Pierre, and Anna Beckelman, to elevated roles within the firm. We congratulate them on their exceptional work, very well deserved!

Sally Cox has been promoted to Director of Finance, overseeing all financial, finance administration, agreement, and vendor matters. She has a background in deftly managing the operations and financial departments at other legal and investment firms in Manhattan and has been steadying the ship at RPJ since 2019.

Marie Pierre has been promoted to Director of Administration, overseeing all office administration and personnel. Marie brings her commitment to professionalism and background in legal staff management to ensure that the organization operates efficiently and that all employees are supported in their roles.

Anna Beckelman has been promoted to Senior Litigation Analyst, overseeing litigation support. Anna has a wealth of experience in legal analysis and research from her roles previous firms and in the litigation she has been involved in at RPJ. She additionally will manage the paralegal staff, ensuring RPJ’s litigation team runs smoothly.

We are proud of the growth of our team at RPJ and look forward to their future accomplishments!