Copyright Issues as they Pertain to AI and the Visual Arts: Let Us Paint You a Picture

By: Ethan Krasnoo and Anna Beckelman As artificial intelligence (“AI”) becomes more and more prevalent in our everyday use of technology, legal questions are being raised about how AI products are “trained” and how such training may encroach on “human generated” intellectual property. Earlier this year, our Reavis Page Jump...

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A Tale of Two Trends: ‘Women on Boards’ Laws in the US and Internationally – Legislation Successful Even When Overturned, by Helen D. (Heidi) Reavis with Anna Beckelman and Claire Griffin

The Debate There have been two prevailing sets of arguments in the debate over implementing corporate board quotas (“CBQs”) in the US and internationally, aiming to counter gender inequality in the business penthouse. Rocket to the Top One set of reasoning argues that social norms and sexist ideologies are not...

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“Religious Exemptions to Covid-19 Mandates: Paths through the Minefield,” by Anna Beckelman with Helen D. Reavis

Tomorrow, on January 7, 2022, the Supreme Court is expected to hear an oral argument regarding religious exemptions from a vaccine mandate by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, a federal agency, with a focus on the limits of federal authority. As federal, state and local governments institute COVID-19...

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