Bloomberg Law Publishes Ethan Krasnoo’s Article Analyzing Defamation and Covid-19 Transmission Accusations

As businesses begin to reopen, defamation-related questions await both employers and employees. Can a claim for defamation be successfully brought against an employee falsely claiming another employee has contracted Covid-19? How about if an employee falsely alleges that an employer did not take adequate measures to protect its employees from...

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Nafsika Karavida Discusses U.S. and EU Approaches to Vaccine Patents and Compulsory Licensing Amid COVID-19

Governments, pharmaceutical companies and medical researchers around the world are racing to produce a vaccine for COVID-19, as well as potential drugs to fight the virus in those who contract it. The numbers show at least 70 reported potential vaccines and 150 other drugs for treatment that are in development...

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Who Pays for the Broadway Shutdown?

This article was originally featured by Law360 in its "Expert Analysis" section on March 23, 2020. Broadway supports over 87,000 jobs and draws millions of attendees each year. In 2019, 14.6 million ticket purchasers attended a Broadway show which generated $1.75 billion in direct revenue. But two weeks ago Andrew Cuomo,...

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