Weinstein Receives 23 Years, Nicole Page Interviewed by Yahoo Entertainment

Amidst the spread of consequential news this week, one item that was particularly consequential was the sentencing of Harvey Weinstein. On Wednesday, Judge James Burke issued a 23-year prison sentence for Weinstein’s conviction on two felony sex-crime charges. The disgraced movie mogul was convicted of rape in the third degree and criminal sexual act in the first degree in February.

Yahoo Entertainment reported on the sentencing, and RPJ Partner Nicole Page was reached for comment and noted that the conviction and long sentence is a milestone for the #MeToo movement and women in the workplace in general. Page said, “As someone who represents women subjected to harassment and abuse, I am relieved and hopeful. I am also amazed that Weinstein and others like him seem utterly baffled when they finally get caught. It shows that we live in a society where much of this behavior is deemed acceptable, at least in the minds of certain powerful men.”

Read more of Page’s comments in the full article on Yahoo here.