Welcome to Our Newest Associate – Gracie!

Meet our own Miss Congeniality, Gracie Lou Freebush. Gracie joins us straight from the breeder as an associate specializing in licking, paper shredding, and spreading joy throughout the office. Here is what you should know about the newest (and possibly cutest) face at the firm:

Birthday: December 24, 2021

Breed: Havanese

Hometown: Long Island, New York—like her mom!

Likes:  PEOPLE! And pig ears.

Dislikes: Blue Buffalo LifeSource Bits. Getting combed.

Motto: Take up space! It’s hard being a little dog in a big city.

Legal Interests: I work with my mom, Michelle Lamardo, on media and entertainment law. We’re currently very interested to see what the Supreme Court says about “transformative use” in connection with the lawsuit against Andy Warhol’s Foundation. Will they side step the issue or provide useful clarity on the fair use defense to copyright infringement? My mom is mad at the Supreme Court for a completely unrelated reason, so I tell her not to get her hopes up.

Currently Watching: I’m a big fan of the latest season of Evil Lives Here but I am also very excited to watch the rescheduled Westminster Dog Show coming up on June 18! Did you know that a Havanese named Bono won Best in Toy Group in 2020 and Bono was almost Best in Show, but lost to the poodle.

City or Country: I’m a city girl for sure, but I love my afternoon walks in Madison Square Park. It’s great to take a moment to stop and smell the flowers. And go potty.

Current Goals: I’ve been working really hard on “sit.”  Mom wants me to learn “stay” and “come” next, but “stay” is really hard! (I don’t know where mom is going and I don’t like not knowing things!)  I’ve already been to the Brooklyn Museum and brunch in Park Slope and my mom says if I keep doing well with my training we can keep exploring the city together.

Summer Plans:  I have major surgery coming up so I’ll be recuperating in the cone of shame for a while. Then I get to meet my grandparents! I’m just happy it’s a lot nicer out then when my mom first brought me home in February. February is gross.