Why You Need to See It to Be It

In light of International Women’s Day, it seems right to talk about female role models and mentors so naturally, I think about my mom. Growing up in the fifties, my mother eschewed poodle skirts for jeans and sweatshirts, was an athlete and a scholar, and rumor has it, even ran with a motorcycle gang in her home territory of the Bronx. Always one to follow her own path, my mom fought hard against the stereotypes of the day and went from Bronx Science, to City College and then on to CUNY to get her PhD in clinical psychology. At 81, she is still practicing and seeing patients today. I remember how vehemently opposed my mom was to me having Barbie dolls and insisted I play with Lincoln Logs instead. For kindergarten graduation, when we had to wear a sign on stage proclaiming what our future professions would be, my mother chose ‘scientist’ for me. I was the only scientist on that stage, amidst a sea of nurses and teachers. I have so many memories of my mom affirming to me over and over that I could do and achieve anything and that has carried me a long way in life. As Beyonce once said, “If you can’t see it, you can’t be it.” I was lucky to have a strong, independent woman for a role model who wasn’t going to let anyone put her in a poodle skirt. Thanks Mom!

Nicole Page

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