Nafsika Karavida Discusses U.S. and EU Approaches to Vaccine Patents and Compulsory Licensing Amid COVID-19

Governments, pharmaceutical companies and medical researchers around the world are racing to produce a vaccine for COVID-19, as well as potential drugs to fight the virus in those who contract it. The numbers show at least 70 reported potential vaccines and 150 other drugs for treatment that are in development...

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Client Film “Roll Red Roll” Nominated for a Peabody Award

We are thrilled to congratulate director/producer Nancy Schwartzman on the recent nomination of her film Roll Red Roll for a Peabody Award! The Peabody Awards recognize exceptional storytelling in news, television, documentary film, radio and public service programming, and are known as one of the highest honors in media. Roll Red Roll, which tells the...

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Nicole Page Quoted in Bloomberg Businessweek on Post-Pandemic Changes to Corporate Contracts

As companies start to re-write contracts and plan for deals in a mid- and post-pandemic world, lawyers everywhere have started to edit emergency and force majeure clauses to shift the focus from price reduction to risk management. Bloomberg Businessweek published an article this morning covering the issue, which projects that businesses will...

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