AltaClaro to Feature RPJ Partners Nicole Page and Alice K. Jump in CLE Webcast on #MeToo

On Wednesday, April 25, AltaClaro will feature RPJ Partners Nicole Page and Alice K. Jump in a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) webcast for lawyers about the #MeToo movement. “#MeToo, Now What? The Sexual Harassment Debate from the Legal Trenches” will take a critical, in-depth look at the current business and legal landscape in the wake of the sexual harassment revelations from the last several months, along with questions the movement has raised about workplace practices and policies across all spectrums, with particular emphasis on the entertainment and financial services industries.

Ms. Page and Ms. Jump will provide participants with an overview of the applicable laws governing sexual harassment issues, a historical perspective on #MeToo, and a discussion on the legal implications of the movement and how it is changing legal practice surrounding the issue. Online participants will also have an opportunity to ask questions in real time.

AltaClaro is a legal education and training company providing innovate and engaging learning opportunities for lawyers. Career Transition Coach and Founder of Against the Grain Coaching Brian Reinthaler, CPC, will moderate the event.

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