Have You Completed the 2020 Census? Deadline Is September 30!

What is the census and why? 

The census collects information on how many people live in the United States. It happens just once every 10 years and only takes 10 minutes to complete, but its data has a vital, long-lasting impact on all communities.

Here’s what it does for your community…

✔︎  Unlocks billions of dollars in federal funds for:

• Schools and daycare
• Hospitals and clinics
• Subways and buses
• Roads and bridges
• Public parks

✔︎  Determines how many U.S. Representatives your state and district will have in Congress

In New York, approximately $74 billion is at stake annually, and the state will lose Representatives if people don’t complete the 2020 Census. It is imperative that we encourage our communities to complete it by the deadline. The more people that get counted, the more resources your community has for the decade to come.

There’s still time—but don’t wait! This year, data collection for the census will end on September 30.

→ Complete the 2020 Census here. ←


To help spread the word and support collection efforts, Reavis Page Jump LLP joined forces with Engel Entertainment to produce the PSA video above. Please help promote civic engagement by forwarding this email and the PSA to your networks!

If you’re curious about more ways to get the word out and get the census in, follow these links to learn how to get involved and/or become a Census Ambassador

For more resources, visit Census Counts, NY Counts 2020, New York Immigration Coalition, League of Women Voters NYC, and Women Creating Change.

Please reach out if you have further questions. We are here to help.

Visit www.2020Census.gov to learn more.