Partner Mark Moore Weighs in on Tension Between University of Michigan and Its Graduate Students

On September 16, Mark Moore was quoted in Education Dive’s article, “U of Michigan Graduate Workers End Strike, but Pressure on University Remains“, discussing the recent graduate student strike at the University of Michigan, which took place in the midst of a campus already divided on issues of leadership and COVID-19. Following the strike vote, the University sought an order preliminarily forcing the students to end the strike, based on a “no strike clause” in their union contract and state law barring employees of public educational institutions from striking. Moore predicted that due to the huge disruption on campus caused by the strike, it was likely that the court would grant it. Moore noted that based on legal precedent, the university’s odds were not bad. “Generally, courts are willing to create preliminary injunctions to stop illegal strikes because they are seen as creating irreparable harm,” Moore says. Shortly after the interview, the union stood down and the parties reached an agreement temporarily settling the dispute. However, the union continues to agitate, issuing a statement complaining that the University is dedicating resources to silence them (and their concerns about policing on campus and COVID-19 safety measures) rather than dedicating these same resources to promote a healthy and safe campus environment.

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