Congratulations to Muck Media, Inc. on the Renewal of “Trafficked with Mariana van Zeller”

National Geographic recently renewed “Trafficked With Mariana van Zeller” for a third season!

The original documentary series, produced by RPJ client Muck Media and Peabody and duPont Award-winning journalist Mariana van Zeller (among others), follows van Zeller as she burrows into black market and trafficking networks to uncover illicit businesses, the people who operate them, and the intricacies of these underground enterprises.

“Filming a whole season of ‘Trafficked’ during a global pandemic was extremely challenging, but there’s been an explosion of black markets over the past year, and I think we all quickly realized that this series has become more relevant than ever,” said van Zeller to Variety. ”With this second season, we’ve managed to dive even deeper and gain even more access into underworld networks around the world.”

The second season premiere of “Trafficked,” scheduled to stream on Hulu on December 1, will explore California’s marijuana black market, black market plastic surgery, and romance scams, just to name a few of the racy subjects the show will feature.

Congratulations to Muck Media on this huge streaming success! We can’t wait to see what they do next!


To learn more about “Trafficked with Mariana van Zeller” and other new National Geographic series, read the Variety article here.