Diversity in the Workplace – Panel Overview

Date of Panel:  January 13, 2011
Speakers:  Manjeev Puri, the Ambassador from India to the United Nations; Dominic Meiklejohn, the British Deputy Consul-General; John Rogers, an American academic specializing in global expansion; and Helen D. (“Heidi”) Reavis or RPL.
Topic:   Diversity in the workplace.
Audience:  200 international employees working in New York and many of the Mountbatten Interns and former Interns.

Helen D. (“Heidi”) Reavis recently spoke about diversity in the workplace to an audience of 200 international employees who are currently employed in New York. The panel, sponsored by the Mountbatten Institute, also included the Ambassador from India to the United Nations, the British Deputy Consul-General, and an American academic specializing in global expansion. Drawing from her own professional experiences, Ms. Reavis discussed the importance of swiftly cultivating a reputation for producing high quality work and shared strategies about how individuals who wish to work abroad can identify firms and businesses that prioritize diversity in the workplace.

For more information about the panelists at this event, please view the following:
Diversity in the Workplace Panelists