RPJ Client Engel Entertainment’s ‘Missing in Brooks County’ to Premiere on PBS

Missing in Brooks County, the influential feature documentary that follows two families as they search for missing children in Brooks County, Texas, and puts a human face on the fatal crossings by undocumented Mexican immigrants that has created the “largest cemetery” in the United States, will be premiering on PBS’s Independent Lens on Monday, January 31st.

Executive produced by RPJ client Engel Entertainment and RPJ’s own Heidi Reavis, this compelling film, which has already influenced federal legislation with The Missing Persons and Unidentified Remains Act, has also received critical acclaim receiving 10 Best Feature Documentary awards so far and additional Audience Choice awards.  It was recently chosen for the pioneering Independent Lens outreach campaign, featuring the documentary in both virtual and live cinemas around the country and convening post-screening audience discussions to heighten the film’s outreach and advocate humanitarian solutions to the continuing urgent crises along our Southern border.

Learn more about the film here and the PBS premiere here, and visit the Independent Lens website for streaming options here.