RPJ’s New York: The Call of Broadway is as Loud as Ever

As New York City comes back to life, we are reviving our non-legal series about the neighborhood and city that RPJ inhabits and loves.

When I was a kid growing up in Long Beach, NY, I was fortunate enough to have a Dad who was crazy about theatre and to live close enough to Manhattan to frequently visit.  I have wonderful memories of the LIRR pulling into Penn Station, emerging on to Seventh Avenue and briskly walking up to Times Square.  Tickets were a lot cheaper back then and we saw everything. I distinctly recall him taking me to Sweeney Todd when I was maybe 6, and leaving very early as it was far too scary for me to see people being turned into hamburgers on stage. Seeing a show in the city with my Dad was incredibly exciting and inspiring for me and for years I longed for a career on Broadway. Those Broadway dates with Dad made me fall in love with Manhattan.  It was the only place I ever wanted to be.

Eight years ago, my brother gifted me with my niece Dylan and my nephew Jackson who are the lights of my life. I have been waiting since they were babies to take them to a show and this past Sunday, I took them to see Wicked. I wasn’t sure they would like it, although I really hoped they would. Well friends, they loved it and they are very much looking forward to Aunt Nic taking them to Broadway again. Being able to share my love and my father’s love of the theatre is pure exuberance! So go see a show and share it with someone you love.

Written by RPJ Partner Nicole Page, who practices in entertainment, employment and intellectual property.