No More: Off-Broadway Theaters Bring Litigation to Obtain the Same New York Reopening Rights Granted to Restaurants and Bowling Alleys

In late October, eight off-Broadway theaters, including The Actors Temple, Soho Playhouse, the Triad, and the New York Comedy Club, filed a lawsuit in Manhattan’s federal district court against Governor Andrew Cuomo, the New York Attorney General, and Mayor Bill de Blasio, seeking an order that would allow them to...

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Who Pays for the Broadway Shutdown?

This article was originally featured by Law360 in its "Expert Analysis" section on March 23, 2020. Broadway supports over 87,000 jobs and draws millions of attendees each year. In 2019, 14.6 million ticket purchasers attended a Broadway show which generated $1.75 billion in direct revenue. But two weeks ago Andrew Cuomo,...

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