Heidi Reavis Discusses the Weinstein Settlement Negotiations Favoring the Weinstein Attorneys over the Crime Victims in Her Recent Article in The New York Law Journal

Partner Heidi Reavis is a guest contributor this week in The New York Law Journal, discussing the protracted Weinstein settlement negotiations which have had the effect of favoring the litany of Weinstein attorneys over the Weinstein victims.  See her article, “Spotlight on Weinstein Counsel and the Culture of Complicity.”

The article, written in two parts, first discusses the judicial dialogue surrounding allocation of the Weinstein settlement proceeds among the Weinstein Company creditors, the Weinstein defense counsel, and last and least, the Weinstein crime victims.  The second part of the article focuses on the overall negative impact the protracted Weinstein settlement negotiations and continued lack of resolution are likely to have on crime victims’ desire to come forward at all.  Heidi chronicles the several Weinstein settlement proposals as they diminished over time, sliding from the initial $90 million sought to compensate the Weinstein victims to $17 million now, and analyzes the effect the Weinstein Company bankruptcy has had on these negotiations.  This turn of events affects the victims greatly as their compensation continues to evaporate, and raises the question of whether new potential claimants would be willing to come forward and trust the systems that have failed them.

Read the full article here.

Helen Diana (“Heidi”) Reavis