Heidi Reavis Quoted on Trend of Law Firms Giving Attorneys Election Day off for the 2020 Elections

On November 5, Heidi Reavis and Reavis Page Jump as a whole were featured in Law360 in its article, “BigLaw Getting Election Day As A Holiday? Not So Fast.” The article discusses how some law firms announced Election Day as a holiday this year (full day or half day), not only to boost voter turnout but also to give attorneys the chance to help with election issues.

Due to the uncertainty surrounding this year’s election, as it is taking place amidst a pandemic for the first time since 1918, some law firms announced that they would give staff and attorneys a few hours off or the entire day off as an opportunity to be more involved at the polls, and Reavis Page Jump was highlighted in this list. “Reavis Page Jump LLP, a woman-owned, employment-focused law firm, has for the last several election cycles closed its office on Election Day and the day after, as well as on Susan B. Anthony Day in February. This year, the firm, which has been active for months doing U.S. census advocacy work, also closed the day before election.”

The election this year had a record number of early voters, with over 100 million Americans using absentee or mail-in ballots instead of going to the polls, so the question remains whether law firms will make Election Day a holiday in future election years. RPJ has been ahead of this trend for years.  Heidi is also quoted in the Law360 article that it is possible more firms will make Election Day a holiday;  however, this trend would likely be “limited to the more progressive states” and possibly rendered unnecessary due to increased voting alternatives. “However, with absentee and mail-in ballots, the need to close businesses for actual voting diminishes.”  It remains to be seen what law firms decide in 2024.  Either way, RPJ has been ahead of the curve for years in promoting voter support and engagement.

Heidi notes the reference above to RPJ being “employment-focused” may have come from Rubenstein and encourages further interviews on varying subjects to keep our brand diverse.

Read the full article here.

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