The Legal Tools and the Challenges of Preventing Workplace Harassment, from RPJ Partners Nicole Page and Alice K. Jump

In light of the recent allegations against Les Moonves and as the discussion around #MeToo continues, assessments are being made as to how and whether the movement has impacted employment practices in the past year. In this clip from their April webcast with AltaClaro, RPJ Partners Nicole Page and Alice K. Jump discussed both the effects and benefits that have occurred and also addressed some of the reasons legal and policy change is slow to come in various industries.

Watch the webcast clip, “The Incentives & Challenges of Preventing Workplace Sexual Harassment,” below.


For more information, watch the full webcast: “#MeToo, Now What? The Sexual Harassment Debate from the Legal Trenches

Ms. Page practices in employment and transactional entertainment law, and Ms. Jump practices in employment law and litigation. They both have extensive experience in sexual harassment matters.