Managing Partner Heidi Reavis to Speak at Realscreen Live

As the anticipation for returning to work after the pandemic continuously increases, and conversations about employee safety and COVID-19 guidelines compliance evolve, it is difficult to say what our new normal will look like, and perhaps even more difficult to imagine what shapes our new professional lives may take. Juggling the fine line between keeping staff protected, motivated and supported while continuing to keep companies and/or institutions productive and competitive will be no small feat. And with the success of available vaccines and prevention strategies, we can anticipate further change to approach quickly and we must be prepared to adapt. This is why Managing Partner Heidi Reavis will be sharing her expertise and speaking on these topics with Jennifer Caserta, the Chief Transformation & People Officer of AMC Networks and Kelly Greenwood, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mind Share Partners at Realscreen Live for the session entitled, “New Normal, New Workplace.” The event will take place on June 7, 2021 at 4pm EST.

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