RPJ Partner Mark Moore Featured in ‘Yahoo! Finance’ on Supreme Court Ruling on Vaccine Mandates

The Quartz article on the recent rejection by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett of an emergency request to halt the operation of Indiana University’s vaccine mandate, in which RPJ Partner Mark Moore was featured last week, has been picked up by Yahoo! Finance.

In the article, Mark describes the trial court decision as a “well-reasoned, balanced, and level-headed tour de force, with Judge Leichty carefully examining a broad range of medical opinion concerning Covid-19, its incidence and transmission, and the development of, risks of, and efficacy of the various vaccines.” He continues to note that, “students did have significant liberty protected by the due process rights of the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution in refusing unwanted medical treatment based on ‘bodily autonomy’ but this was not a ‘fundamental’ right such as the right to free speech.”

Mark highlights that the ruling is preliminary and the development of the pandemic could impact future mandate laws, “if the risks of Covid dissipate, then the vaccine mandates may become unreasonably burdensome.”

To learn more, read the full article on Yahoo! Finance here.