SCOTUS Update: First Amendment Protects “F-Word” and Other “Immoral” or “Scandalous” Trademarks

Just prior to adjourning for its summer recess, the United States Supreme Court ruled that First Amendment free speech considerations required the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“PTO”) to register the trademark “FUCT.”  The “FUCT” case is the second in three years contesting federal trademark registration content restrictions. In...

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UPDATE: Supreme Court Agrees to Determine Legality of PTO’s Recovery of Attorneys’ Fees in Review of Denials of Applications

As an update of my reporting concerning the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s controversial policy of seeking to recover attorneys’ fees in connection with district court review of denials of trademark and patent applications, the Supreme Court today granted the petition for certiorari in Iancu v. Nantkwest and agreed...

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