RPJ Partner Ethan Krasnoo’s Legal Opinion Featured in Fox Corporation’s News Article “Plaintiff in Robert De Niro Harassment Lawsuit Gets Intimidating Text From His Family: Lawyer”

RPJ’s Ethan Krasnoo recently weighed in on the Robert De Niro Employment Discrimination Lawsuit currently unfolding in court. This Monday, in the midst of the court’s proceedings, a potentially incriminating text message sent by De Niro’s daughter to De Niro’s former assistant, the plaintiff in the ongoing gender discrimination trial against De Niro, was read out in court. This text message amongst other things referred to the plaintiff as a “disgusting little beast”.

The reading of the text message sparked questions as to the admissibility of such a message in court and the ways that such a text message might impact the court’s proceedings and case results. Ethan Krasnoo weighs in on these questions, and argues that such a text message will likely never be seen by a jury but will likely impact De Niro’s standing in the court of public opinion. Read more at the article linked here.