RPJ Partners Deena Merlen and Jill Kahn Marshall’s Article “When Political Discourse Leads to Dismissal” Published in New York Law Journal

RPJ Partners Deena Merlen and Jill Kahn Marshall recently published an article for the New York Law Journal entitled “When Political Discourse Leads to Dismissal”. This article explores how political speech on public social media platforms can lead to termination by one’s employer, and how such termination can lead to legal trouble for employers.

In their article, Ms. Merlen and Ms. Marshall explore the cases of Neel v. New York University and Mumma v. Pathway Vet Alliance, two cases in which individuals were terminated for social media posts deemed offensive by their employers. The individuals in these cases argued that such termination violated their rights under laws that protect certain lawful political activity outside the workplace. The details of these matters are explored further within the article.

Read more in Ms. Merlen and Ms. Marshall’s article on our website here or on the New York Law Journal Website here.