RPL Celebrates Women’s City Club of NY Centennial Civic Spirit Awards Honorees

debbieheidi wccn
Debra Zimmerman, Executive Director of Women Make Movies, introduces Helen D. “Heidi” Reavis, honoree of the WCC Civic Spirit Awards

Last week, RPL Managing Partner and Emmy Award®-Winning Executive Producer Helen D. “Heidi” Reavis was a recipient of the Women’s City Club of New York (WCC) Civic Spirit Award, presented at the WCC Centennial Spirit Awards Dinner at the University Club of New York.

In her closing speech, Ms. Reavis highlighted the importance of storytelling as a truthful medium in both the media and RPL’s legal practice. “Through honesty, storytelling bridges groups whose relationship is inherently adversarial,” she said. “Each resulting change, each win, impacts the lives of others.”

RPL salutes Ms. Reavis’ fellow honorees Jennifer Buffet and Pamela Shifman of the NoVo Foundation, Maria Cuomo Cole of H.E.L.P. USA and Cuomo Cole Productions and Jessica Neuwirth, Esq. of the ERA Coalition and Equality Now. RPL extends its gratitude to all the awards presenters and the Women’s City Club of New York and its private, nonprofit, and public partners for their tireless work to improve the lives of all New Yorkers.

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